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Originally Posted by Digger-Dave View post
Got the machine the other day.

KHouse led me to a great deal with one of our sponsors. $505 for the Fall Pack sounded great.

Well the ground has frozen solid, but the nephew's house is very old. Part of the original house has a dirt floor. I told him about getting out into the woods.

We should be getting out soon if the snow stays shallow. Got 3-4 inches on the ground now, but more on the way this weekend.
Dave if he has a dirt cellar that would be a great place start ! I remember finding injuns and marbles in the basement dirt in a house I grew up in. Of course the woods are also an option but as you stated above it looks like Saturday we may see around 6" then it turns to rain and in the 40's Sunday? Look forward to hearing more! Good luck!

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