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Got the machine the other day.

KHouse led me to a great deal with one of our sponsors. $505 for the Fall Pack sounded great.

Well the ground has frozen solid, but the nephew's house is very old. Part of the original house has a dirt floor. I told him about getting out into the woods.

We should be getting out soon if the snow stays shallow. Got 3-4 inches on the ground now, but more on the way this weekend.

Garrett AT Pro and Fisher F70.....Clad- $26.75 1- 185X Flying Eagle Cent, 1818 Largie, 2 Barber Dimes, 4 Mercury's, 2 Rosie's, 3 Buffalo's, 3 V-Nickels, 2 Fatty Indian heads, 9 Indian Heads, 1853 Infantry Button, 35 wheat backs and an 1893 World's Fair Token.

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