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Yeah, for sure Pro Zero or Custom mode...Custom saves your settings, Pro you have to start all over on power up...Both sound the same to me...Both sound very good and natural and give a lot of feedback on the target...I never could figure out that other one with the belltones...

The AtPro is one rig that will make a guy money when employed by dedicated the initial expenditure is more of an investment than a normal spend.....Holds a resale value too if thats the yeah, good choice there...

One thing Dave, Make sure he changes out the batts when they start to fall off a click or two about 12hrs...In my experience, the Pro dont like half deads at all! BUT!.... If YOU stuff those half deads into your F70, you get ANOTHER 12hrs+ of good solid hunting! Thats what I do anyway..they make for a hell of a team!...Both those rigs, the Pro and the 70, they make a guy big money!


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