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Default $350.00 less CLAD to find

Greetings fellow members,

Since it is cold and snowing here in eastern PA, I decided to count/weigh my total coinage for year end 2016. These coins are only for approximately six months and not the full year. I got back into detecting when I got my new analog detector about six months ago after taking a three year sabbatical from the world of MDing...I know my mistake.

Although, the coins are nearly entirely clad but still treasures to me. I have found more rings and jewelry these past six months than I have in multiple years. Everything from gold rings to costume jewelry, US dollar coins and many very rare and collectable pulltabs.

Based upon weight conversions my grand total is approx. $350. Happy MDing to all in 2017...and may we all find our pot gold...soon.

Name:  2016 YE Coin Finds 001_small2.jpg
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Equinox 800, Tesero Tejon

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