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Originally Posted by sllingshot47 View post
My best friend has a Classic ID and I have the MX5 so I would have to give a guideline I use. I INITIALLY set mine so a quarter can be hit at least 4-5" air test. If this improves the situation, I MAY go higher in these conditions. The giveaway, to me was when you said the ID was picking high numbers without sound-usually a sign of large iron deep. In one sentence, start as low as you feel comfortable with and increase as site allows. What happens is the iron blocks the return signal (overrides it) and with lower sensitivity has less effect on overriding the good signals. Sounds like you're in a "hot" trash area. Hope that makes sense.
yea ill try that setup thanks. I really am just starting detecting this year. I used this Whites growing up but belonged to my mom. So i have lots to learn!


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