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Wow! Mines a tough one to explain. Let's see, where do I begin? Ok, rob00000. rob is short for robert. robert is my first name, at least that's the name that's listed on my birth certificate. Course, who knows if my certificate is legit, just look at the controversy over Obama's certificate? I mean, ya' know, there may be something my parents didn't tell me about? As far as the five zero's go, well, I figured rob might be taken as rob or robert is a common name so I usually add something onto my name to increase the chance of choosing a username that isn't taken. So that's it. That's my exciting username story. I trust you all enjoyed reading all about it & can now rest comfortably at night, no longer tossing & turning in bed wondering where I got the idea for my username from. Glad I could help contribute to you all getting a good nights sleep. Now, if you'll all excuse me, it's late and I must be getting to bed myself. Good night!!
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