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Originally Posted by beerdoodle View post
I found 38 golf balls but l lost 49
Right! Golf balls are big money Bycatch!! Fast Easy mover at the yearly garage sale..a whole dman 5gal bucket full, with the bucket also being found in a ditch...yep theres $25! Easy!

Really frosts the Wifes biscuit though..I'm selling steady metal detecting bycatch finds, skateboards, softballs, dog toys, hotwheels, coats, hats, shoes, and jackets, and She's sitting there grumpy unnoticed and ignored behind a table full of Polish Pottery and BeanieBabies...! Its freaking hilarious! "All My Fault" for some reason!

I'm like aint my fault nobody wants your dman plates or beanie babies, now excuse me, I gotta Lady over there sifting through my flipflops and beach towels..........
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