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One good thing about the meth and opioid crisis here in South-West Missouri is our jails are full and it's catch and release for petty crimes like standing in an old school yard. If there is no sign or fence, why couldn't you detect, or walk your dog or fly your model plane or teach a kid how to drive in the parking lot. Schools have a long history of being used as parks. I wouldn't hesitate to hit a school with no signs. Just do it. What's the worst that can happen? Unless you're a total jerk I don't think any cop would give you more than a scram.

45 years ago I had the fishing line controlled Cox airplanes. I had one that wouldn't quit running. My Dad spun circles in the high school parking lot for 10 minutes until it finally ran out of gas. He then fell down and started doing somersaults and rolling and stumbling around trying to stand up. My sister and I were literally rolling on the ground laughing. We still joke that if a cop had seen us he would think we were all drunk. We never thought it could be trespassing.
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