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Originally Posted by calabash digger View post
I think that has to do with how fbs behaves in ground and not so much the halo but I might be wrong.. My deus air test at 12 to 14 inchs on some non ferrous coin sized targets ... if the halo theory is true why am I not digging 18 inch non ferrous coin sized targets on these ancient sites??? We have dug thousands upon thousands of non ferrous targets off these sites ... but non past air test capabilities. All I'm saying is on these old site I have never dug a target past what my detector will air test on and some of these sites date back to the early 1700s... It might happen but imo its not the norm.. BTW the deepest coin sized target ive ever dug was 13 inchs in the ground. It was a small oval colonial buckle..

Probably because the laws of physics give a natural limit to how far that detection field is capable of returning the signal under any circumstances. Depth potential is not some point you come to the end At 12 to 14 inches you are likely already pushing the limits of whats even possible...halo or not. Much past that depth , even the halo effect is not gonna make much difference. Now try a less capable detector not known for depth , add the halo and the right set of soil variables with a target at 8 to 10 inches maybe 12 , that scenerio , the target is not so deep to be outside the realm of possibility with a properly formed halo.

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