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Its a good Winter Discussion! So I'll jump in with my infield observations...Y'all know I run a set of rigs, the F70 and the AtPro...I hardly ever Ground balance, maybe these two do it automatically? I dont know...anyway, I do know this, on damp or wet clean sand, Both will hit targets a lot deeper than on an Air test...

When I first fire up my rigs for a hunt, I wave my wedding ring hand over the top of the coil to see if my settings are depth capable to the situation and my interests...OK, so on wet sand, Man, even running half strength, air test of my ring at about 6", I'm pulling similar targets a lot deeper than that!...crazy stupid deep!

When I'm hunting on the dirt, I'm after shallow jewelry and clad, and want to quick broom...I will stomp deeper targets to crispen up the signal, or flatten the grass, it does work or I wouldnt do it...on the same place with the same settings I've hunted hundreds of times, somedays a guy is pulling real deep pings...on account of the dirt moisture balance or a host of other reasons..Somedays, its just alive with signals....

On the snow sled hills, which I assume would be similar to an air test...I gotta really jack up my settings to get in an effective hunt to hit targets at 8"...same with dry wood chips in the totters...wet chips really add a few inches of depth and are a joy to hunt like wet sand...

Ground Moisture Conditions seems to be a determining factor...a wet surface of fresh rain or frost on top of dry dirt/sand really hampers depth and crisp signals I've noticed.....thats like the worst conditions for me! As opposed to a evenly saturated base, or one that gets gradually damper on the way down.......I think a 'surface damp over dry base' abrupt change in an inverted 'dampness thermal incline' really confuses a rig...I do know I dont like it, its so obviously a hindrance...and I have to slow way down to make pay in those conditions....


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