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Default Minelab Quattro MP ?

I'm just getting into the "sport" of metal detecting. I have a Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II that I picked up for $8.00 at a rummage sale. It seems to work and picks up quarters, pennies and dimes I put on the ground at about 6".

I'd like to get something better and am looking at a Minelab Quattro MP with a FBS 1050 coil and Koss headset for $325, at a pawn shop.

I've read some reviews that said it would pick up a quarter at up to 18" but find this hard to believe.

Questions: Is it worth $325? -- Will it pick up stuff better/deeper than my Bounty Hunter SS II? -- Is there any chance it will pick up 1/4gram gold flakes?

Thanks for any and all help!!
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