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I have hunted the same sites when it was bone dry and when it was wet. Have seen the ground come alive when its wet and targets where flying out everywhere... Was that the halo? If you answer yes let me tell you my problem with that theory. I have freshly buried coins (silver and copper) in my test garden some have been there over a year.. what happens to machines in my test garden when its wet? They ALL smack the deep targets way better. So my findings are detectors perform better on deep stuff when the grounds wet BUT that cant be because of a halo because in my garden they havent been there long enough to form one.. Bury a coin at 8 inchs in dry ground test your machine on it and then wet the ground and test it again you will see what I mean. I don't mean to seem like the scourge about the halo effect but I would rather know facts and not think my detector doing something that its not really doing like seeing coin sized objects way deeper than it test. Does anybody know the science why detectors perform better in wet ground???

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