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Originally Posted by erichx View post
Ok i get it. sorry for keeping bothering you.
Average soil deep is what 1 foot maybe?
i have seen again others detectors, what do you think of?
- tesoro vaquero
- minelab gofind20
- minelab gofind40
- minelab gofind60
- treasuremaster - whites
- treasurePRO - whites
- ace300 garret
- ace400i garret
and pushing my limits (i really dont want to):
- xterra705 -minelab
- MX5 - whites

have i a chance on those?
really apreciated you info.
Well, my educated opinion is to narrow your list to these

Xterra 305, 505, 705 My reasons? I had done literal side by side comparisons with my AT PRO, having laid nails, horseshoe, coins in relation to each other etc, and the findings were very impressive.

The 305 with a NEL coil compared to my AT Pro with 5x8 coil were very close in target ID, Depth and nuances/ information one can gain from the tones.

The xterra series is VERY UNDER RATED... I have experience running an etrac and a ctx 3030 by Minelab, and the XTERRAS based on information one can get from tones alone is where they really shine.

Another forum member and I did the above tests side by side, and to say that the XTERRA 305 was slightly deeper than my at pro by about 1/2 inch, and that there was much more to the 305's tones than expected would be truthful.

Couple that with the target ID screen, and it being a Minelab I would never hesitate to suggest that machine to a new user. The information output from the 305 more than impressed me, and had I not seen it perform as well as the AT Pro, in person, I would have doubted it.

For a new user, I wouldn't suggest a beep only machine and and DO suggest one with a target ID screen. The additional information, ability to discriminate out and notch in targets, the depth, speed and tonal information the user receives is invaluable. Maybe after a new user has experience with tones I would suggest something like a Compadre, or other Tesoro, but for a new user, I wouldn't suggest that where you start. You must first understand the tones, understand discrimination and have "some" experience in the field in interpreting tones and what the machine is trying to tell you.

As for the gofind series, my only opinion is that they are not designed as a daily user metal detector...more of a scouting detector, more of a machine for kids learning, but that is my educated opinion after using and buying one for my son. He put it down after 10 minutes and told me he wanted to use my at pro "and dig numbers in the 80s" Even at 9 he understands where coins are and what machine can find them easier, for a new user, using a target ID screen coupled with the tones.

my .02
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