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Originally Posted by erichx View post
Ok i get it. sorry for keeping bothering you.
Average soil deep is what 1 foot maybe?
i have seen again others detectors, what do you think of?
- tesoro vaquero
- minelab gofind20
- minelab gofind40
- minelab gofind60
- treasuremaster - whites
- treasurePRO - whites
- ace300 garret
- ace400i garret
and pushing my limits (i really dont want to):
- xterra705 -minelab
- MX5 - whites

have i a chance on those?
really apreciated you info.

No bother.
The only shot you have to get close to 1' deep on those is the Vaq and maybe the 705...the MX5 might but I don't know much about that one.
If you have access to a Teknetics Patriot that is a a well featured Fisher F70 at a discounted price.
Again it is all about the soil and yours does not sound even close to normal from what I can tell.
In great, black low mineralized dirt my F70 could do it but where I hunt now in iron oxide mineralized soil I am lucky to get to 8" with the same tool.
In reality there are only a handful of VLF detectors that can successfully hit that one foot mark with any reliability out there and that is usually under pretty good conditions.
The bulk of the hunters in this country using all kinds of machines, including types that go into the thousands of dollars, rarely talk about digging targets much past 9-10".
A few have dug deeper but that is the exception, not the rule.

A TDI Pro could probably do it or some other decent pulse induction machine like a Garrett ATX and won't be bothered by the salt but no discrimination on those types so you will dig almost everything.
This type might be your only hope for what you seem to want to do in the conditions you described.

In Australia, South Africa and other countries with difficult dirt the most popular detectors serious hunters use looking for mostly gold are pulse induction GPX Minelabs that cost $3-$5000...and there have been many that bought counterfeit models of these same types that spent $2000 or more thinking they were getting a deal.
They didn't...they just got ripped off.

Lower priced lower end detectors, even the upper end of the lower scale like most on your list if you equip them with huge coils just aren't made for tasks like these.
You can't make a cheaper car perform like a Ferrari no matter how much you want it too or how many accessories you add to it.

"The road to success is always under construction."

Currently hunting with an F70, a Mojave and a borrowed Red Racer.
Plus a Nox 800.

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