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Originally Posted by DIGGER27 View post
20"...even in the best soil that is going to be pretty much a dream with most VLF normal detectors.
Even with a Vaq I have never heard if anyone getting that deep, my Fisher F70 is one of the most powerful detectors out there and I can easily get to about a foot deep in good black soil, about 3-5" deeper under perfect conditions, but even with the largest coil on the market mounted I wouldn't even have the thought of searching for targets at 20" deep.
You have a better shot with a pulse induction unit...maybe, even that type might not get that deep.
Something called a two box detector will get down that far but this type is best for finding large objects, caches, chests, boxes, large tools.
This kind won't be able to see smaller type targets at all, coins, jewelry...things like that.

Keep researching, you seem to have some specific needs that only a limited numbers of specialty type detectors can fill.
Ok i get it. sorry for keeping bothering you.
Average soil deep is what 1 foot maybe?
i have seen again others detectors, what do you think of?
- tesoro vaquero
- minelab gofind20
- minelab gofind40
- minelab gofind60
- treasuremaster - whites
- treasurePRO - whites
- ace300 garret
- ace400i garret
and pushing my limits (i really dont want to):
- xterra705 -minelab
- MX5 - whites

have i a chance on those?
really apreciated you info.
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