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Originally Posted by DIGGER27 View post
Depends on the soil l but don't expect much more than 6" with the small coil Compadre, an inch or two more with the 8" coil...maybe.
Under normal circumstances like here in the parks I hunt in that would work pretty well, 98% of my finds in three different states were shallow up to about that 6" mark.
Your area may need deeper but only you or someone that has dug up targets around there can say.
If everything you are looking for there is 8,9, 10" or deeper don't expect a lot of success with any detector in these low price ranges.
Also salt is a mineral, mixed with water like around beaches it can limit depth, not sure how dry conditions and salt can affect our detectors.
For sites with mineralization problems detectors with adjustable ground balance can help a lot.

Sometimes it is worth waiting and saving up more to get the right tool, the wrong tool might just be a waste of money.
Not saying these will be but you need to find out before you buy, or I would, anyway.

Don't know what the market is like down there or how long you are willing to wait but a good used Vaquero might work much better for you if you can swing it.
That one has all the basic features you might need and a lot of penetrating power and there are others.
Appreciated. thats the case. you are right. So i was looking around other detectors, read a book about it and all.
took a look at the vaquero too.
so, what other detectors maybe worth (not expensive all, lets aprox 400 - 450$ top) for my needs. saying high mineralized areas, and max depth 20" inches maybe...
i saw those polular garret 250 - 300
the tesoros
but i cant keep searching and im a beginner so, i dont know the right choise.
thanks in advance.
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