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Maybe not an expert but,,,the reason a person runs TTF is to keep audio gate open,,,no nulling or is it????
Actually to some makes targets easier to hear (stand out)

What I am about to say,,,may be unbelievable to some so here goes,,,,all TTF does is make targets easier for some folks to hear.

What does this mean,,,,any and every target detected in TTF can be detecte and heard in conductive mode.

I should also point out,,,depending on target's conductivity,,,depth,,and ground minerals levels,,,,TTF will not alert user to all depth detectable with higher tone.

Reason: TTF using etrac,,,comes with a preset cutoff at I beleive ferrous line 17,,,so if a target hits higher than ferrous level 17,,, low tone is sounded.
This same target would be detected using conductive mode,,,but make sure disc line on ferrous is not over done.

Also,,,a user can drop a coin say a dime on the ground,,,go to TTF and sweep dime,,,continue sweeping while raising coil,,,watch what happens as the distance gets near fringe detectable....tone should start transitioning from a high tone to a (no dig) low tone.


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