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Originally Posted by Pete e View post
Just curious, but why do you need them to be aptX Low Latency??? I thought you only needed that for the bluetooth transmitter as that is where the lag occurs?

Regards Peter
Iím not a Bluetooth expert, so what Iím about to write is probably a drastic over-simplification, but both ends need to be capable of AptX Low Latency in order to minimize the signal delay. Anytime a signal is transmitted and received wirelessly, lag is introduced. Low Latency attempts to minimize the lag to a point that our brains canít detect it. In the case of the Equinox, the control box is capable of sending a low latency signal, but the headphones you use must have the technological capability to interpret the AptX proprietary protocol for the signal to remain lag free. In other words, if your headphones arenít AptX LL compatible, youíll still have lag.

A rough equivalent example might be watching a DVD movie at home...if you have a full home theater surround sound system, you can enjoy a completely different experience than someone who is using a TV with a mono speaker. The DVD audio still works and can be heard on the basic TV, but it canít take full advantage of the stereo and surround sound codecs.

With the Equinox (or any metal detector set up to use Bluetooth), using Bluetooth with a non-AptX LL headset introduces enough delay that the signal reaches your ear noticeably later than when the coil actually passed over the target...literally as if Low Latency didnít exist, because as far as the components are concerned, it doesnít.


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