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I have puzzled over this question for a while - what are these “steel” caps made of. After wasting an hour on the web I have concluded that it is likely that they are “Tin Free Steel” or TFS. This differs from “tin Plate Steel” or TPS by the use of metallic chromium instead of tin in the laminate. TPS is what most cans were made of - TFS is used because of its superior anti corrosion qualities and its suitability for painting or other decorative exterior finishes.

Tin Free Steel


TFS has excellent lacquer adhesion properties allowing use for food cans, beverage cans and general line cans.
Excellent resistance to black sulfide stain makes it the most suitable material for making fish cans.
Even when the same surface finish as TIN PLATE is applied to the substrate steel sheet,
it provides the unique surface luster characteristic of metallic chromium.
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