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Knocking on doors and asking strangers permission to dig up their yards is very awkward. I try not to do it unless there is just no other option. Instead I use this technique. I drive the neighborhoods that interest me at times when people are most likely to be outside. Just after work but before dinner, after church on Sunday and almost anytime on Saturday. I try to stop and talk to everyone I see outside , even if they have a small yard, obviously new landscaping or even a "keep out" sign on their gate. Their property may not interest me but the one next door just might and good info on the neighbors can be gleaned in the conversation.
I start the conversation right away by letting them know I am not selling anything, politicking or evangelizing, but instead have a historical interest in the area. I tell them I have been and will be detecting the curbstrips and private yards in the neighborhood and that I am mostly interested in the "public right of way between the curb and the sidewalk" but will also be detecting private yards with the permission of the property owner. This is an important distinction to establish in the conversation. You will be detecting the public right of way but only detecting private yards with permission .This is the segway to asking about the neighbor or any other property in the area that they may know about. In most places, the property owner is responsible for the maintenance of the curbstrips adjacent to their property, so I let them know that I understand that and I will leave no trace that I was ever there. I ask if they have a sprinkler system and if so, how it is layed out. If I can establish trust that I am no threat in any way, assure them that I will be respectful in all ways, they usually offer access to detect the yard as well. If they don't offer, I ask. This approach may require you to veer slightly outside of your comfort zone but it works and it does get easier every time. Good luck!!

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