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Originally Posted by JWalker3 View post
Many people use PayPal gift to buy items from the forum classifieds, which is in many ways like sending a check made out to cash. If you get screwed in some way in a purchase you would have to file a legal action, usually in another state. Its not like buying via credit card from a sponsor who had a brick and mortar store somewhere.
I just spent $950 on a used E-Trac from a member on the forum. I would not have done that if I was not able to trust the seller who had over 7,000 posts, and see his iTrader ratings. The sale went perfectly.

Thank you enforcing the rules the way they are.

Sorry if it rubs some new members the wrong way.
Best thing to do is to not use the gift option. If a seller is going to accept Paypal payments, any fees should be included in their asking price. JMO
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