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Originally Posted by jack&jill View post
A little better outing for you Scott than for Travis but still you both came home winners. Congrats on the Merc, the Wheat's and the eyeball $10. Trapper
Thanks Trapper!
Originally Posted by coin whisperer View post
Nice find guys!!! Now time to hunt the houses!

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We're going to run out of curbstrips soon...then we'll have to doorknock
Originally Posted by HDMontana View post
Very nice. Congrats.

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Thank you!
Originally Posted by markinswpa View post
Congrats on a great hunt, I hope you bought lunch with the ten spot, especially after scooping up the Merc. lol I hate and have more than once my buddy go over a spot and yell--Hey how did you miss this ? DANG how did I ? Just goes to show The swing, the speed, the angle all play a part. Still want to try some curbstrips. HH Mark
Our curbstrips are really narrow...less than 24" and usually we don't find much. This was one of our better curbstrip hunts.
Originally Posted by jmaryt View post
needless to say, you don't hunt with the mojave anymore?

Had and hour yesterday between jobs and had the mojave with me. Did a little woods hunting, but didn't find anything.
Originally Posted by Lil Worm6 View post
Lol......hey I heard the Merc..........Toad needed a silver, so I decided I would leave him one!!
I appreciate it brother!
Originally Posted by GroundSweeper View post
thatís what I was figuring

Congrats to you both on the silver day!
Thanks GS!
Originally Posted by Wolf-Dog View post
Congrats on the silver; nice merc.
Originally Posted by diggin4clad View post
Congrats on a very nice hunt and the ten spot.
Thank you!

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