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Originally Posted by Rattlehead View post
Hey, looks real nice. Couple of questions for you: Is that just 11 GA mild steel that you used for the blade? Now that you've had a chance to use the shovel for a while, how well is it holding up? Any bending? You mentioned that it was a bit heavy.. Do you think thats due to the thickness of the pipe you used for the handle or the thickness of the blade?

I'm working on a shovel of my own so I'd like to hear your feedback. I know the ones from Predator and Lesche are made from 4130, heat treated and tempered so I'm really curious how well plain old mild steel will hold up after some heavy use. I'd like to make mine as light as possible while still being durable so still debating on what thickness to use for the blade. The blade on my Sampson mics at .104 so I was thinking of using 12ga.

The one I designed will be sort of a cross between a Sampson and the Predator Tools Ranger. A little more aggressive and longer than the Sampson, but not as big and bulky as the Ranger.

Thanks rattlehead. Mine, the one with the single serration has been getting plenty of heavy use with the MD, in the garden, and even used it to chop down a couple saplings like an axe. Not even the slightest sign of bending. It has pried some pretty hefty rocks out with no trouble at all. I did have to sharpen it up a touch once. I did end up using 11 gauge mild steel for the blade and think the extra weight is contributed to the handle ,which is 1" schedule 40 and 33" long, along with the 3/4" solid cold rolled for the gooseneck. The sampson uses 5/8 hollow for the neck and seemed to be the weak point in the design. I'll live with the extra weight. This thing has been a sheer brute. If I was to build another, I would use a blade design similar to yours. That's the beauty of DIY. You get exactly what you want. I hope I could help, and feel free to ask anything else. Good luck with your project. Looking forward to seeing what you end up with.
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