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Default Problem with my Garrett Pro-Pointer AT in hot weather.

Originally Posted by TreasureHawk View post
No problem with my original Garrett pinpointer. However, I wanted to comment about Garrett's lack of customer service. Battery issue.....Please! "advised to use 9V Energizer Max Alkaline batteries”. Seriously! They should have immediately issued a return authorization.
Hi TreasureHawk,

Thanks for your comments and I agree, the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT should operate normally with any major brand of 9V battery.

It really gets me fuming when I think of how companies are using the citizenry like lab rats to test and debug their products. After enough complaints, here comes the "new and improved" version with more bells and whistles that often make operation confusing and in some cases causes erratic operation. }hmmm

Actually, I like the KISS principle that made the Tesoro Compadre so economical in price, popular, easy to use and effective....just ask Digger27 and me !

Nevertheless, when my brother asked what he could get me for my 75th birthday last year and I had been reading all the hoopla over the new Garrett Orange Carrot I couldn't resist mentioning it jokingly, never really thinking he would swing for that kind of money on a BD gift. But guessing, since I had gifted him my ammo hand loading equipment, he being the hunter and gun enthusiast, whereas I had become totally involved with metal detecting, I think he wanted to reciprocate and insisted on buying the Carrot for me. You see, we just happen to love each other ! Aw, ain't that sweet. So, that's how I went from kiss to bells and whistles, but now I'm having the erratic operation issue.


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