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Originally Posted by basstrackerman View post
Yes we do know how to measure depth.. the Garrett propointer AT is how long? I've dug many coins deeper than that is long. Alot have been with the Max..dug a spoon almost as deep as my 18" Sampson digger. My Ohio dirt may be the cause for deeper stuff. Some places out of state I don't ever dig that deep.

QUOTE=spenglure;2872531]My thoughts exactly. I rarely find coins more than 7 true inches down. I see people posting about coins 10” + down but most likely these people don’t know how to measure properly. One day I decided to measure what I thought to be a very deep coin - it was 6 3/4”. I am a fisheries biologist by trade - I’m programmed for exact measurements. I am also an avid fisherman and see amature and professional fisherman exaggerate the size of their catch daily. It makes them feel “accomplished” and they constantly try to one up each other. This hobby is practically the same thing... I work for a fishing tackle company and see and hear stories every day. Sure, some may be legit but for every guy who measures starting with the zero line there’s another that starts at the one inch line, lol. And pros talking about 5 pound bass... so many times I have been with these guys and put their 5 pounder on a scale - 4.10 lbs... In the end you can find more old coins by research and location, anyway.

If have dug coins, etc deeper than Garrett pro Pointer deep.
Can the pinpointer using its length still be used to approximate depth?
Btw when I bend my index finger, the second joint is right at 1" long.

I do comment using the Garrett propointer length in comments, like Garret propointer length deep plus 1" or plus 2" approx for example.

I don't carry a tape measure or ruler with me at all times.

But do when reporting try to report accurate data and reflect if approximating is used.
I think folks are looking for trends-depth wise as far as models detectors with different coils.

So my data posted in just one piece of data.
There will be others.
I do also comment on soil mineral levels using F75 bar graph or Deus dots in mineralization index meter. Use Bars in Impact's window too.

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