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Originally Posted by spenglure View post
My thoughts exactly. I rarely find coins more than 7 true inches down. I see people posting about coins 10” + down but most likely these people don’t know how to measure properly. One day I decided to measure what I thought to be a very deep coin - it was 6 3/4”. I am a fisheries biologist by trade - I’m programmed for exact measurements. I am also an avid fisherman and see amature and professional fisherman exaggerate the size of their catch daily. It makes them feel “accomplished” and they constantly try to one up each other. This hobby is practically the same thing... I work for a fishing tackle company and see and hear stories every day. Sure, some may be legit but for every guy who measures starting with the zero line there’s another that starts at the one inch line, lol. And pros talking about 5 pound bass... so many times I have been with these guys and put their 5 pounder on a scale - 4.10 lbs... In the end you can find more old coins by research and location, anyway.
I am a very exacting guy myself, And I can agree that there are many fish stories on here. But there are many coins dug exactly as deep as many claim too. It is not rocket science measuring how deep a coin is. Even a fish Biologist can do it Take as a joke, I work with a bunch of you guys so it is kind of a inside joke

In the right soil deep finds like some claim do happen..

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