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your all wrong im right lmao im not brand loyal and have used most machines.. ive used machines that do a better job than what i have called a favorite. my favorite does not mean best, it simply means what i like best and i connect with the best.. we all know the deus is a better machine options wise and function wise, but that does not translate to favorite or best.. the atmax does really well for me. i do have a equinox 800 on order too. guess what? i may sell my atpro or max or both who knows... i actually sold all of my machines over the last year - year and a half anticipating a new great beast hitting the market and all used detectors losing most of their value.. now we see the equinox and look at the used prices. glad i sold them all.. i miss none of them.. i am retired and simplified my life. funny thing is i vacation down south every year to see alot of my family near calabash,north carolina.. i have nothing against calabash as he is just passionate about his beliefs like me.. nothing wrong with that. does he rub people the wrong way? maybe... i probably do to. so anyway i own 2 detectors at the moment... max and pro soon a third eq 800 most likely from what ive seen and read i will still have 2, eq 800 and max....

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