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Default Buff, which do you prefer?

I've posted 6 pics here of the same no date buffalo nickel that I experimented with yesterday. I'm just not sure I like the reddish/brown rusted look that buffs always come out with here in the Iowa black dirt.

So, let it soak in naval jelly for about 90 minutes (Tom in CA's go to solution). Unfortunately, the naval jelly leaves a pinkish hue on everything I've cleaned it with.

Then, gave it a good rub down with Braso for about 3-5 minutes. That took about half of the pink hue away.

Finally, rubbed it with 0000 steel wool. I think this is the closest to original coloring I've ever achieved.

After all that, I showed it to my wife along with one that hadn't been cleaned at all and she said she preferred the uncleaned version with the reddish/brown rusty patina. Go figure.

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