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Originally Posted by pryan67 View post
A lot of that will depend on the price it going to be a 2000 dollar detector, or 700?
Nasa-Tom says it will be lower than the MSRP of the CTX.....and around $1600 if they do not market it. So...$1600 is the low figure.

Even with Tom's name involved...I think it's a tough sell outside of his dedicated forum members.

* Very specifically targets TWO INTENTS:
1. Wet-Salt
2. Bad Mineralization
This is to say..... it does NOT target mega-trashy areas... does NOT target carpets of nails.

If it can't handle carpets of nails or heavy's not going to sell well outside of salt users on his forum. Word of mouth (like this thread) will help obviously, but I can't see it ripping $1600+ out of many peoples wallet when Minelabs next CTX...or Fishers right around the corner.

That being could be a game changer that obsoletes everything...right?
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