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Originally Posted by walnut View post
If another company takes on and continues selling Tesoros, but does not honor the lifetime warranty of previous deals, I think that is a form of bankruptcy.

If someone else takes over Tesoro, as far as I'm concerned, there is no "Tesoro" any longer. You could not assume or even hope that things will be the same. They might be better, or worse, but the Tesoro company is history.

And if production is moved to China, well I'm probably less interested. Although there have been a few cases where the China goods are as good or better than the American made ones- the Buck 371 pocket knife on my desk is a little nicer than the American produced similar model. Buck demanded quality and the Chinese provided that quality.

I like Tesoro and wish it would work out but definitely does not sound good.
China produces what the customer asks for. Problems occur when purchasers try to up their profit margin.
Same could be said about an 18k ring (20% profit margin) vs a tungsten (500% profit margin). People have to open their eyes and see "China" isnt the problem here.

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