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Originally Posted by ChrisMD View post
Depends on your swing speed. I saw a huge delay, but I've also detected with people that swing like they're caught in a time distortion bubble, where I could run to WaWa and back by the time they get a couple swings in, so in that case I don't think the latency would matter that much.
That's it, exactly. If you swing normally, there will be a lag with non-LL headphones. But the experienced lag in inches is a function of the swing speed. This means that, if you wanted, you could use non-LL headphones and then, after the object is detected, slow the swing way down in order to see its location. Some time back, I tried that with APTX non-LL earbuds experimentally, and it seemed to work, although personally I would find it too cumbersome to detect that way.
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