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Originally Posted by Martin_V3i View post
Would you say that ver. 1.5 was just as bad for digging rusty nails?
I'm specifically referring to the new 6" coil and it's apparent fondness for rusty square nails even with the iron bias set to 9. I have no idea what v1.5 was like with the 6", as I just got the coil 2 days ago and I had already been running v1.75. However, I can say this, I hardly ever dug rusty nails with the stock coil with either version of the software. It's something about that 6" coil.

Honestly, had I been checking targets with the AM/horseshoe button, I probably wouldn't have dug any of the nails, but I generally forget about that function. When I get a good signal I rotate 90, and if it still sounds good I dig, and that's what I experienced with the nails. I will have to start checking targets with AM when using the 6" coil from now on.

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