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Originally Posted by REAL_RAT_FINK View post
Wanted to share an update, I reset the 600 to factory settings and then un-installed my 1.75 update back to 1.5. I then re-installed to 1.75 and guess what? IT"S A NEW MACHINE! lol. Pinpointing actually makes sense now, it's actually discriminating iron in the ground (before it was hitting hard on iron in the ground but for some reason did discriminate in the air test????), and I'm getting target size based on volume which it never did before. Really strange.

And I'm actually picking out targets before I dig them. Quarters 28-30, dime 24-26, Penny 20-24. So whatever happened, I'm much happier with the machine. I'm still digging a lot of trash but I have better information to decide if I should dig or not. Anyone else struggling with their machine may want to take the previous advice, Factory reset, roll back up date, and install new update.
Now those are legit numbers!
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