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Originally Posted by ChrisMD View post
....I could run to WaWa and back by the time they get a couple swings in....
Wawa is King!! Hit one on the way out of town from the farm hunt, because thereís no way Iím leaving Jersey without a WaWa run! Itís darn near the only thing I miss about New Jersey...Ohio is a third world state in my book until it gets a WaWa

Ok, sorry for the off topic...back on topic here: I obviously donít have direct experience with the EQ, but with older earbuds, itís possible that they werenít aptX low latency equipped. Folks who are more tech savvy than me might correct me, but the last I checked, it was easy to find aptX earbuds, but itís very difficult to find aptX low latency earbuds at a reasonable price. For some reason, the low latency technology is currently more commonly found associated with headphones. As ChrisMD noted, swing speed is an important factor on whether you can get away with regular aptX or not. With a faster swing speed, even a 100-300ms delay becomes noticeable in the position of a target. Slower swing speed, and the same equipment seems to provide instantaneous signal transmission.


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