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Originally Posted by calabash digger View post
Thanks ! I like my Nox too. Still got the haters around though.
I think some other users with different models/brands get their feelings hurt when you do some detector compares. I used to be that way when I owned my AT Pro. Well didn't hate anyone, but felt slighted that anyone would slight my sweet AT Pro. But funny sold it in a heart beat on eBay to get my 800.

now I don't mind if people criticize my Nox 800. Heck, there are a few things I didn't like in the beginning, but leaned it was operator difficulty in understanding not the machine.

I didn't like that it was telling me stuff in a language I didn't understand. so I had to learn that language. You have to learn what it is telling you is below your coil. It tells you a lot if you just put in the hours and learn. I am still learning.

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