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I'm just curious because I almost think reading your reply that you posted on the wrong thread. Are you implying that looking at his crazy VDI readings, that somehow his detector is getting fooled in the air test?

Originally Posted by tnsharpshooter View post
All detectors will be fooled sometimes.
An Equinox tip here for folks.

Use of 5khz single freq to check targets, especially in sites with lots of modern trash.

See this pic.

In mulit freq using small coil on Nox, the beaver tail will yield nickel like ID and pretty steady. Emulates a nickel really (close).
Switch. To 5khz and then sweep.
Watch the ID on beaver tail compared to nickel.
Nickel still more stable, beaver tail definitley starts spreading out with ID.

Folks can try this experiment with gold ring and see what happens too.
Donít forget about your depth meter. Use it.
Deeper indicated target, things may be a little different.

If you are digging bottlecaps using Nox, you need to employ 5khz and youíll notice a noticeable higher ID vs using multi.

A forum member and myself hunted a trash ridden park last week.
I sure didnít dig a bunch of junk. Oh yeah it was there alright.

Now if I were after gold rings, I would,definitely have to dig all the junk.
But this would go,for every VLF detector made I know of.
Folks after copper and silver, leave the 22 and lower reporting alone unless you love digging aluminum twist caps. The IH coins can read a bit lower in the 19-20 range. Again use your depth meter. Shallower would tell me likelyntwist cap odds wise.

I would be inclined heavily to dig any target reporting in the 7-15 range using mulit freq that wouldnít sound off period using 5khz. That target might be a good one. I would me more inclined to dig a dodgy ID target if when sweeping using horseshoe button and I heard iron tone cutting in fast on edges. This may indeed be a compromised nonferrous target giving faulty ID.

In a nutshell, use all the tools Equinox gives you.
If you are on a search and destroy mission just digin mainly all signals have at it.
I got better things to do with my time.
There are no absolutes, any time you pass on a target for whatever reason, could a good target be missed?? Yep.
But I like to play the odds game.

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