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the most important in the PI remains the choice of unit
there is a world between the PI make the chain
and those manufactured and perfectly calibrate by hand

the best always has the current time, the Pulsepowers
my Goldscan 5c operates 9 us
My Goldquest SSV3 operates 8.5 us
and a prototype, Manta operates 6.5 us

minimum delay, it is perfectly stable on black sand ...
the largest ADJUSTMENT PLAIN after the delay is the SAT
which allows a good machine to go down even further

and go search for gold or platinum in black sand
more delay and the SAT will be more low you will go deep
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Goldscan 5c - Aquastar - Goldquest SSV3 + PI Manta / Nexus Coronado / Vista Gold / Nokta golden sens
Sorry for my english....

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