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Originally Posted by KOB View post
.... that many here in So.Cal "reserve" their zip to corner the market....
While that might sound, ... uh .... "colonial" or un-fair (ie.: why can't multiple persons still have first dibs on a zipcode ?), yet : There's a rhyme & reason for this :

It's no different than the old school days of metal detector dealers : If someone wanted to sell (out of their garage) Garretts, Whites, Fisher, etc...., they had to choose a geographic zip-code locale range. Otherwise, the poor sap who set up his detector sales shop, is simply competing with the other guy across town. Same with Toyota dealerships: Why don't you see multiple show-room floors, of Toyotas, in the same town ? The "brand" simply has to have consistency.

Originally Posted by KOB View post
... I think some of this is unfair since some of these areas are far from their actual location and that other locals could handle them...
I'm sure that the RF model would , indeed, like to fill-in-the-map and have persons in these unclaimed zip codes. So : Go ahead and claim some !
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