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Originally Posted by UT_Dave View post
So for me personally. From a reading about it and trying to make up my mind perspective. Not having ever used either machine. Not experience or first hand knowledge, just my reading of the tea leaves. But - not a real beginner, either, I used a Whites XLT for awhile a long time ago.

Some of my "why", between the ATP and the 800:

- Very small gold nuggets/high frequency options
- Software updateable
- Multi-IQ tech
- Adjustability over simplicity

Just my leanings based on what I could glean from reading without actually using the machines.

Did borrow a new Equinox 800 today though. I think I'm bonding with it rather quickly... Detectors have come a ways since my XLT was the stuff, I think.

- Dave
The XLT was great for sure. Especially if you went and tweaked the pro option settings. I recently had one again and now that I am familiar better with the controls I turned it into a little hot rod. I sold it only because the aftermarket DD coils cost so much.

Don't worry if you get a newer unit though just the lighter weight factor alone makes them more fun to swing
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