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Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
Well, it's been a fascinating conversation. If you think it's not difficult, then you could start up a site with sliding scales, and all sorts of pre vs post-pay systems. Go right ahead. I've emailed Chris and brought his attention to this thread.

BTW : There HAS been some system, which was TOTALLY free. Ie.: someone (or as a subsection of one of the md'ing forums) did set up a pin-board , where you pin your location. And theoretically persons in need of help can go there, click on your pin, and contact you for help. FREE FREE FREE to float your shingle there.

So what's not to love, eh ? However, it failed to get traction. Because without someone to invest in tech skills, it fails to rise to the top of the google hit list typical-word-searches. Versus RF, which studied it in-depth, and coached all the subscribers endlessly to how they keep their page profile up (document successful posse hunts, key-words to use, etc...). So that it will be the top hit, knowing the typical words that customers will tend to type.

This is ingenuity that .... if you just create a directory page, and then walk away, will not succeed. Like to create a competitive page to Ebay or CL, (lower fees, more fair, etc...) you can come up with all sorts of wonderful ideas of better systems. But if you just get the page to a hosting service, and walk away, it will fail.

But if you still disagree, then by all means : A) don't pay $65, and B) make a better competitive system.
Just because I disagree with the owner of Ring Finder, doesn't mean I want to run his/her business.

I don't understand why that's so hard to understand.

I don't like how eBay is changing its business model to push out smaller sellers. So in order to express my opinion, I need to start my own online auction site? I've already stopped using them. But that doesn't mean my displeasure has to stop there; I can still express my opinion.

You think I'm wrong. Fine. Guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
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