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Originally Posted by FreeBirdTim View post
I'm not naive about the ring finders at all. I went metal detecting with a ring finder guy a couple of years ago. He only wanted to go to spots that might have gold rings. I took him to a spot that could have gold rings, but 1700's cannonballs were found in the area as well. When I told him to pay attention to iron signals, he just looked at me like I was crazy. He obviously had gold fever and zero appreciation for something as historical as a 1700's cannonball. Safe to say, we never went detecting together again.
This has nothing to do with the RF business model. This is strictly an observation about hunting styles. Some guys, like that, are strictly not relic mindset hunters. They prefer to look for coins. Or rings. Or strictly like beach, or turf, or nuggets, etc....

What you're referring to is only a factor of types of detecting . Not to do with the RF business model .

PS: Yes, I too would not like to hunt with someone at a great relic spot, that doesn't appreciate green copper, flat buttons, lantern parts, a cannonball, etc..... If all they care about is "only if they find coins" (or rings), then obviously they're not of the relic mindset. Maybe they'd be fun hunt mates on the beach. But not at a colonial cellar hole or stage stop or whatever.
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