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Default Bring on Summer Contest

Since the owners and moderators do NOT get involved with contests I sometimes post the rules early so folks can ask questions and give me feedback. So here is what I am thinking.

First the prize!

Equinox 600 Metal Detector (UPGRADABLE)
Sunspot 720I with Carbon Fiber handle (UPGRADEABLE)
Garrett Carrot
Awesome Finds Pouch
Leche Digger

What I mean by upgradable is both those items will be ordered AFTER we have a winner. You are welcome to buy ANY Sunspot Scoop and an Equinox 800. You will pay the difference.

NO other PRIZE substitutes. If you don't want the package please pass on the contest.

Shipping WILL BE the responsibility of the winner. (Some items shipping is included)

__________________________________________________ ___________


If you have won a detector package from me you are not eligible to enter.
If you have won a Sunspot Scoop or a Garrett Carrot from me you can enter. However, if you win, that part of your prize will be forfeited. I hope that seems fair to all.
You have to have 203 posts to enter AT THE TIME YOU ENTER.
IF I have you on IGNORE. I REFUSE to take you off for my contest.

Contest will START March 31, 2018 AFTER the Mega Millions is drawn.
One entry per person, PER WEEK.

How to play:

Buying a ticket: Here is the twist! In order to guess EACH WEEK, you have to make THREE posts in areas that count. After you make those three posts, you have the right to pick TWO SETS OF THREE numbers AND TWO POWERBALL NUMBERS.

Bigger twist. You only have to EXACTLY match any THREE of the FIVE numbers. If you do that the POWERBALL number comes into play. The POWERBALL number you chose can be off by as many posts as you make that week.

Winning numbers will be picked at 11:00PM Eastern Time by the Mega Millions.

Example. You match three of the 5 numbers but are off on the POWERBALL number by 7, either way. if you have made 7 posts during the week, you will win the contest.

One entry per week ONLY. If you edit your entry in any way, it is VOID for the week.

Contest closes at 9pm Eastern Standard time EACH FRIDAY. Tuesday's numbers are meaningless. Contest for the next week begins as soon as it is determined there is no winner. REMEMBER, you have to make three more posts to be eligible to guess EACH WEEK.

In the event of a tie. If a person is right on with all 4 numbers they will win. If not the case, the person closest to the 4th number will win if there is a tie.

Owners, Mods, Users, ANY questions or concerns please feel free to put them on this thread. A new contest thread will be started on the 31st of March.

Every prize that anyone has won in my contests has been delivered. My contests have all been above board and the only problems have been delayed shipping beyond my control. I pick sponsors to buy the prizes from.

I know I missed things, feel free to ask away so this contest will get off with no issues on March 31st!

Good luck!!

Please leave a ring after the beep, Thank you
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