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Originally Posted by worm12ga View post
It doesn't, that is not how grass clippings degrade under normal conditions... It is no matter, not worth the time to argue over.
Ok , I do not want to argue about it either .
Maybe over the years the ball fields have been Re done with soil braught in or air rated multiples of times . Many were built in low spots already even with natural hillside seating . The idea of an area like this alreadybstarting with a large sediment base could be more likely.
I did not mean to come off the wrong way, I did not mean to sound like I was ganging up on ya .
It seems most of the parks and similar recreation areas were set aside as the land was low and wet and more less likely to be useful at the time . My perspective seems to be from the smaller town situations .
Always interesting in learning something if you have time to share.

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