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Originally Posted by Trix View post
When I bought my Etrac from Big Boy Hobbies, I received an X-5 coil as part of the bundle. My yard, and all the local parks, have a great deal of trash signals so I went with the smaller coil. I have increased my coil sizes but have one lingering problem. The stock 11" coil never got used and the last time I used it, the machine just went nuts with random beeps and chirps. This happened even with the coil held above the ground.
Could an Etrac owner please list the stable settings used with your 11"coil so I can try them out in order to determine if its my machine or the coil?
It wouldnt kill me to not use it but many feel its better than a lot of other larger coils.
Thanks in advance.
Did you do noise cancel after installing coil???

Sweep around in auto plus 3,,, should be quiet.

Then put to manual 25 sensitivity.

Hold detector coil up in air after noise cancel.

Bigger coil= bigger antenna for EMI.

Not many places my 2 etracs when I had them wouldn't behave.

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