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Originally Posted by cobb05 View post
So i've been looking into getting one for my nox 800. I've looked at the Andersons and Pluggers. Just wondering if anyone that has them has any input. I'm also curious as to getting the 2 piece vs one piece plugger rod.
With the Anderson, you have carbon fiber from head to toe. As a matter of fact, regarding the lower shaft, with Anderson, they include nylon washers that go on both sides of the rubber washers .. it seems to make the coil head glide very smooth, but still maintain it's position, and without having to torque down the nut.
Anderson supplies their own cuff. If you want to, you can put the original Minelab cuff on the Anderson shaft, which is what I did. I have the cuff at the very end of the shaft, unlike what the original Minelab setup will allow.
The control box (LCD) has three positions.
Anderson also supplies two hex wrenches of different sizes, to get the job done.
And decals included, if that matters to you.

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