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Originally Posted by AirmetTango View post
Below is a link to a map showing locations of other forum members who might be interested in getting together as a hunting buddy or for group hunts:

FMDF Member Map

The hope is that this map can be useful for new members looking for a mentor, veteran members who might be traveling/vacationing looking for a hunting partner, or any number of ways we might want to connect with our fellow FMDF members.

To get placed on the map, you'll need to either send me a PM or post a message to this thread. In an effort to make the map as useful as possible, let me know what type of hunting you enjoy (relic, coin shooting, beach, park, group/organized hunts, etc), the equipment you use, or any other details you'd like to add. Likewise, if you ever want your information changed or removed, contact me and I'll get it done as soon as possible.

Any long time members who were on the original map, please check to see if you are still listed - the original map got corrupted in the past and many of the original "pins" were lost. Also, I plan to be proactive with the map - as new members post their introductions, I'll greet them and offer to place them on the map. Lastly, I'll do my best to keep the map up-to-date by periodically going through the list and eliminating pins for members who have been inactive on the forum for more than a year.

Credit for the idea for this map belongs to forum member Zerosum, who initially created and maintained a similar map. I helped maintain the original map recently along with Zerosum. Unfortunately, Zerosum hasn't been active on the forum lately - since then, I could no longer control the settings for the original map, which led to several problems keeping it maintained.

Please add me, from Arab,Alabama thanks!

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