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Originally Posted by Tpmetal View post
Maybe I am old school, but I know of employers(not mine) that respect and care for their employees, If something like this happened they give 2 weeks notice so people can look for another job and make plans. These employers are also the ones that make sure employees and their families can afford a house and so on. I spend more money at those places and refuse to spend money at the others.
If I heard correctly, they were laid off due to restructuring. They will be compensated. If a 2 week warning was given tesoro would have put itself in a serious bind. Obviously, the news would have leaked to both dealers and consumers. The phones would have been ringing nonstop from dealers trying to return goods and consumer complaints, etc etc.. also run the risk of employee theft, sabotage, etc etc. The list is long and I'm sure tesoro weighed both sides and did what they felt was best.

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