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Here's what I spend all my time doing this time of year. I work for my Lab Jax. He takes me out and I shoot any game bird that flies. I used to be allowed to retrieve, but Jax said I take waaay too long and always whine about the winter water temps while wading out for ducks.

This was taken a couple of years back. I look exactly the same..........ok well maybe I'm a touch more rotund. Oh and I now jiggle in places that no grown man should. Um......and my hairline is hellbent on a full retreat. Yeah and and my chins had a son.

Other than that, I'm still sassy ! lol

The picture below that is of the two most favorite folks in my life. My lovely wife and Jax. I still cant figure out what my wife did in her past that was so terrible that God told her to marry me for atonement. Had to be a serial killer or something.

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