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Default Visiting San Diego in July

Hi everyone...I'm going to be in San Diego for a convention in July and I'd like to try some metal detecting while I'm there. Unfortunately, I won't have a car available to me, so I would need a ride to and from a downtown hotel. I'm happy to chip in for gas.

I've never taken my detector on a plane before, so that'll be a new challenge, but I'm willing to try. Thought it would be cool to have a buddy to hunt with. I don't know what beaches would be good for hunting, so it would also be nice to have someone local who knows what's up. Land hunting would be cool too.

Here's the other disclaimer: I have an etrac, so if I'm on the beach, I'll be only working the dry and damp sand. I don't get to detect beaches much at all, so, yeah, I'm the dweeb with the pinpointer and digger on the beach.

If any of that sounds at all interesting to anyone, please private message me and we can work out the details. I know it's a long way off but i dont want to leave it to the last minute. Thanks!

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