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Originally Posted by pescadore View post
I have been mixing my own vape juice and building my own coils for a few years now. It will definitely save you money over buying the pre-made stuff. I have quite a bit of vape equipment, mods, RTA's, RDA's, etc. It is another obsession of mine and I enjoy my diet coke and vape first thing in the morning. Glad you are quitting the stinkies and if you want to know more about the vaping world you can check out the forum at Lots of cool folks over there.
Already a member, I also go to all the flavors, 99juices and any other DIY sites I can find, I read ECF and this one for recipes, watch DIY or DIE and JFM on YouTube for mixing tips among others.
Plus plenty of vids about making my own coils.
Like I said...obsessed.
The artistic side and the mad scientist in me just loves this kind of thing.
I am saying this is a good thing overall which I think you will agree with.

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